Cross-country Soaring


This is the trace of a Soar the Sierra cross-country flight lesson.


Soar the Sierra LLC operates a Schleicher ASK 21 fully equipped with oxygen, transponder, altitude encoder, parachutes and the factory option spin kit.


The ASK 21 is the standard fiberglass trainer in Europe.  Its performance is high enough to allow cross-country flight instruction under a wide range of weather conditions, yet low enough that students have to really work at it!  Very probably, your first solo cross-country flights after completing your course with us will be flown in a sailplane of equal or greater performance, so that our training will provide you with a comfortable margin for those crucial first flights.


You will be trained to navigate and to compute safe glides without the use of electronic aids, ensuring that in your future flying you will be able to handle any conceivable instrument failure without difficulty. 


We don't train system managers; we train aviators!