Aerobatic Training

Our ASK 21 is a modern, state-of-the-art composite trainer and is fully stressed for basic aerobatics.  With generous g-loading limits of +6.5, -4 time the force of gravity, and a never-exceed speed as high as 151 knots indicated airspeed, it provides a comfortable platform for basic and intermediate aerobatic training.


But why perform aerobatics in a sailplane, anyway?  And what kind of pilots do this?


The answer to the first question includes both the sheer pleasure in performing a ballet in the sky, using only the energy provided by nature, and the quantum increase in your proficiency as a pilot and in your comfort in any aircraft attitude. 


The best answer to the second question is that pilots who truly strive for precision in their flying--and what soaring pilot doesn't?--will find that aerobatic training enhances their ability to command and master the aircraft in all situations, in every attitude.  They find that flight outside the usual envelope makes clear to them exactly what the flight controls really do, and what they don't do.  They understand how to retain control under critical circumstances such as low-level turbulence on the ridge, or rotor encounters during wave soaring, and this in turn allows them to better exploit the lift found in wave or on the ridge.